Guitar lessons online via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and more

Private guitar lessons for both beginners and those with experience.

The first trial lesson is free!

Why should you choose me?

Competent staging, interesting forms of work, music theory in the necessary amount, the development of hearing, rhythm. Assistance in acquiring an instrument.

Lessons from the comfort of your own home

Professional teacher with vast experience

Individual approach to each person

You only need a tool and a gadget (phone, tablet, computer) with a good internet connection to start the class

My main motto: classes should be a joy!

Lessons for children who are bilingual

Why choose me?

Classes from the comfort of your own home

Professional teacher with vast experience

Individual approach to each

You only need a tool and a gadget (phone, tablet, computer) with a good internet connection to start the class

My main motto is that classes should be fun!

Solfeggio and music theory in the required quantity

About me

Greetings! My name is Oksana Osadchaya. I give private lessons on classical, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele. With me you can learn to play by notes, by ear or sing songs to the guitar. My students live all over the world. In my work I use a variety of interesting material. Professional, individual approach. Classes are suitable for children, adults and teenagers. There is experience working with special children with autism, hypraactivity (ADHD, ASD) dysgraphia and so on. Classes are conducted via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.

Classes are conducted by a teacher of the Children’s Music School. Higher musical-pedagogical education (Moscow State Open University named after Sholokhov. Sholokhov specialty — guitar). Teaching experience since 1993 (experience of more than 28 years).

Feedback from my students


Cost of lessons

  • Guitar lessons for adults and children over 8 years old
    $45 / 60 min
  • I recommend it for children from 8 to 12 years old
    $40/ 45 min
  • I recommend it for children 6 - 8 years old
    $35 / 30 min

Lessons are conducted in Russian, English or Turkish.

My educational credentials

Is there a trial class?

Yes there is, you can sign up at the link

How is payment handled?

Payment is due after the first trial, free lesson.

Methods of payment

I accept any type of transfers to Turkey or to Russia, including Zelle, Venmo, PayPal, WiseWestern UnionMoney GramPaySend and others.

How often do I need to exercise?

I recommend taking lessons 1 or 2 times a week, and practicing on your own every day. At least half an hour for the first year and an hour from the second year.

What tools and equipment you will need

Of course you will need an instrument — a guitar. I recommend to start practicing on a classical guitar, because it has soft nylon strings. It’s very important for beginners. There are small, medium and standard size guitars. I prefer and advise you the following models: Yamaha C 80, C 40, Ibanez GA6CE-AM, Alvaro 37, SIGMA CM-ST, ANGEL LOPEZ ERE-S. You will also need additional accessories such as a footrest and a tuner for tuning your instrument.

I recommend starting with classical guitar because it has soft nylon strings. It’s important for beginners. I recommend starting to practice on a quality instrument. I prefer and recommend you the following models: Yamaha C 80, C 40, Ibanez GA6CE-AM, Alvaro 37, SIGMA CM-ST, ANGEL LOPEZ ERE-S. You can buy a new one in a music shop or order it online. You will need additional accessories, a footrest and a tuner to tune the instrument.

Why do we use Skype?
  • It’s free, including group calls with virtually no restrictions.
  • Works in all countries
  • Works on any gadget
  • The quality of the connection is suitable for music lessons. There are sound settings.
  • You can make calls. If the student (or sometimes the teacher) forgets about the lesson, when he hears the call and answers, the lesson is not lost. Unlike, for example, Zoom and Google Meet, where if a student doesn’t show up on time, the teacher has to either wait and hope the student shows up or use another messenger to text or call.
  • All history is saved in the chat room forever. (Useful if there is any doubt whether a lesson was taught or not)
  • You can share files. Files are stored in the cloud, available for any device.
  • There is a call recording function. Videos are stored in the cloud for 30 days. They do not take up space on your device. You can download the recording if needed.
  • You can call your phone. In emergencies, if a student doesn’t show up for class, I call the phone.
  • All chat history is available simultaneously on all devices, under one account. For example, I can share a photo of notes from my phone during a lesson without ending the call.
  • No need to be tethered to your phone.
  • It’s easy to find a participant. All you need to know is login or email or phone number (if linked) or first and last name. You can also send a link to your profile and just follow it.
  • There is a browser version. Works without installing the application.
  • There are reactions (hearts, donuts, likes, etc. Kids love it).
  • There are subtitles.
  • You can create scheduled calls. A reminder pops up before the call.
  • You can send video and audio messages.

Example of a skype lesson

Classical guitar

The classical guitar is an instrument that has a soft and deep sound.
The classical guitar has nylon strings and is where I recommend you start learning.

Classical guitar is my my main focus.

Acoustic guitar

The acoustic guitar is more suitable for teenagers and adults who want to learn how to play the guitar. Young children will have a hard time learning acoustic guitar because it has a larger body and metal strings. A classical guitar or ukulele is more suitable for children. The sound of an acoustic guitar is louder and more sonorous.

Electric guitar

I recommend starting with a classical guitar because once you learn it, you can easily learn electric guitar. But if you have always dreamed of playing electric guitar, you can start learning on electric guitar.


The ukulele is a small, Hawaiian guitar. learning to play the ukulele is not difficult, because there are only four strings on it. Therefore, it is easy to strum chords on the ukulele. Ukulele is suitable for both young kids and adults. Playing the ukulele has become very popular nowadays. Despite its size, the ukulele can be used for accompaniment and solo playing.

Bass guitar

My main direction is to play and learn classical guitar, already in adulthood I have mastered the bass guitar. And now I successfully teach bass guitar. The most important difference between bass guitar and classical guitar, except for the sound, is the number and thickness of strings, as well as the size of the fret and playing technique.


In every music school and higher education institution, the piano is a second and obligatory instrument. Every educated person, let alone a musician, should know this wonderful instrument. For nine years I have studied the piano, not only as a compulsory program, but I have also taken private lessons from outstanding pianists. Now for two years I have been successfully teaching piano lessons at a private music school in Antalya. I receive a lot of positive feedback from my students and their parents, as the children make significant progress in their studies and master the piano with ease.