Basic conditions of the classes

1)It is necessary to pay for a month’s lessons at least 24 hours before the lesson.
2)Cancellation or postponement is possible at least 24 hours before the lesson by text message to any messenger. If the lesson is canceled less than 24 hours in advance, the lesson will be charged. This rule applies to all unforeseen situations including. If we have agreed on a lesson and you fail to pay on time, it does not mean that the lesson is automatically canceled and the 24 hours cancellation rule is no longer valid.

What happens if I cancel a class on my own?

I’m human too). I get sick sometimes and I may have other good reasons for canceling a lesson. It happens quite rarely (thankfully). It usually doesn’t happen more than 1-2 times a year. In that case, I do not charge for that lesson. If possible, I offer to reschedule the lesson.

I usually do not interrupt lessons for vacations, holidays, weekends, etc. So if there is a Thanksgiving/ Queen’s/Emperor’s Birthday/Labor Day etc. in your country and you are going to miss a lesson for that reason, please be sure to let me know in advance.


About regular home exercise.

Music is a language. And in order to master a musical instrument, you need to practice every day. Usually, practicing 30-40 minutes every day is enough at the initial stage. From the second year onwards, I recommend practicing at least an hour every day. The key factor is the regularity of practicing.


What happens if you cancel a class?

First of all, I get a little frustrated 🙂 After all, regular lessons, along with daily self-study, are the key to your progress and motivation. Many of my students only take lessons once a week. If they miss one lesson, they have a break of two weeks. Usually during this time a student forgets almost everything from the last lessons. Especially if there are no regular home lessons.

Secondly, the financial side of things also suffers. I have obligations to my family, I have bills to pay, etc.

Try not to skip lessons unnecessarily, and if you do, try to take an extra lesson. That way your progress and my finances won’t suffer.

If you cancel too many lessons, or several lessons in a row, your time may be taken up by another student.


Daylight saving time and back

Turkey does not switch to daylight saving time. In most of the countries where my students live, they change the time twice a year. It happens at different times in Europe, America and Australia. I usually try to make the schedule as convenient as possible for my students. But be prepared if sometimes the timetable may change.


About the price increase

There is a wonderful tradition in Iran: every year on September 1, a student’s parents go to their teacher and ask: “Our teacher, how much will our lessons cost this year?” Thus saving the teacher from having to inform the parents himself about the annual price increase.

Yes, everything in our life is always getting more expensive and I usually raise the price of lessons once a year. Most parents accept it normally and I am very grateful for that!

Best wishes for creative success and see you in class!